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How much does a wedding cost these days?

Use the calculator below to get a rough idea of what it would cost to have your wedding at Covey Creek.

Note: These are rough estimates of costs based on our knowledge of the market at the time of publishing this calculator.  This is not a guarantee that you’ll be able to obtain these services at the prices listed.  Please reach out to vendors to get firm quotes before solidifying your budget.  If any venue prices differ from the investment page, please refer the the investment page for the latest official pricing as it will be the most accurate and current.

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Venue Cost:


Alcoholic drinks (cocktails, beer, wine) - includes bartender, ice, and bar tools



Linens and Decor

DJ / Music



Guest transport

Hired help


How much do you want to allow for "extras" such as photo booths, snacks, gifts, upgrades, etc.

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